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Home Economics is the profession and field of study that deals with the economics and management of the home and community. Home economics is a field of formal study including such topics as consumer education, institutional management, interior design, home furnishing, cleaning, handicrafts, sewing, clothing and textiles, cooking, nutrition, food preservation, hygiene, child development, and family relationships. It prepares students for homemaking or professional careers. Home Economics is also known as Family and Consumer Sciences.
It is study at all levels of education concerned with training for effective home and family living. This includes educating the
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It aspires to increase the resourcefulness of people and help them to live satisfying, sustainable and quality lives caring for themselves and others. Home economics provides young people with the opportunity to consider daily living problems beforehand, contributing to development of self-reliant attitudes and abilities and a sense of social responsibility. The skills and knowledge developed in home economics are useful to students not only in their personal and family lives, but also in securing and holding employment in business, industry, and the professions, and participating as active citizens in a democratic society. (Smith, 2010)
According to a study done in Japan, students’ personal initiatives play an extremely large role in determining how they’ll react to their changing work situations. Those who lack the ability to make effective personal decisions are more at risk for experiencing hardships in the instabilities found in the real world. It was also found in the study that students do not feel they have the proper means to learn these valuable life skills at home. Taking courses in home economics at school allows students to acquire the necessary decision making, social, and communications skills deemed critical for occupational success.
I strongly believe that home economics has an extremely important place in our educational system today. No other academic discipline

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