Farming Essay

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Factory Farming Each year millions of pigs, chickens, cows, and other mass produced animals are being abused, brutally murdered, and have even become a health hazard to human beings. Many people have turned a blind eye to this world wide epidemic so they can continue to benefit from the prices and convenience of factory farmed animals. It is true that man is the ruler over animals, but they are still living creatures that do feel pain from abuse and do still suffer when neglected. It’s bewildering to realize that we as a human race have revolutionized women’s rights, civil rights, and even going as far as protecting the environment but we continue to accept the horrific abuse of animals. It’s time for a change! Today’s farming has …show more content…
With money being the motivated now, a day’s most farming factory’s push to maximize their profits while minimizing the cost of food for people so that the profits keep rolling in. The giant businesses have forced regular farmers out of business. Very few farmers grow any of the food their family’s consume anymore they have been forced to leave their farms because they do not make enough money. Cows are beautiful majestic animals that are even worshiped in some religions but here in the Grand United States more than 42 million cows suffer and die for the meat and dairy industries every year (Peta, 2013). Many industrialized farmers look at cows as just money in the bank but cows are as individual as your family dog or cat. They are smart, complex, and even cry when they are separated from their babies or other family members. So if an animal can cry because they are just separated from their calves tell me what emotions and pain they must be feeling when they are branded, repeatedly impregnated to only have their babies ripped away to males being inhumanly castrated. Factory farmers are treating these beautiful animals like filth when they do indeed feel, love and mourn. Could you image having your ears cut off or being scalped and skinned alive? Try imaging being hung from a tree by a leg only to have your throat cut. I bet it turns your stomach, it does mine yet this very process is going on right now and all without painkillers or anti-depressants.

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