Essay on Ethics

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Is it possible to be successful in every single domain of ones life ?
The Nadine Ngatchou Njike’s (3N) dilemma : A real life ethical case

Mrs. 3N is a well known, recognized an ambitious Cameroonian woman business owner. She runs an eponymous firm dealing with international triangular (Dubai, Douala & others if needed) affairs in retails sectors. Her firm is headquartered in her home country. She is aware of the information management soft power. In order make sure everything will take place as planned, and to be fully successful, she decided to manage and to control, without any hesitation, information she is surrounded by. Nobody really knows to which type of entrepreneur Mrs. 3N psychologically belongs. * “I don’t really
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2M, but she doesn’t not want to lose his friendship and connection at the same time.
Secondly, in order to boost her business, Mrs. 3N had a meeting with the CEO of the company Hysacam, which is one her potential business prospect: Dealing with this firm will be a tremendous opportunity for Mrs. 3N who knows that the window of opportunity never remains opened. At the end of this meeting, she met Mrs. SKL, which is a conviction based ethic approach but fair journalist and TV star. The 2 women shared the same cab. Mrs. SKL told to Mrs. 3N that “it is unfair to turnaround the normal trajectory of the business by getting directly in touch with the CEO of the company Hysacam”. According to Mrs. SKL implicit message, when Mrs. 3N acts as described, she negatively impacts the business fairness. In others words, those who can’t turnaround the normal path will be in the trouble, this is not encouraging the doing business transparency, and also somehow, may trigger some non appropriate and non acceptable behavior.
Thirdly, Mrs. 3M is not in the same page. She has a very different viewworld emerging from her rationalist based ethic approach. She believed she is not at all having any unacceptable business behavior, and that Mrs. SKL didn’t really got her point. Mrs 3N said: “I am just using my personal network. I am not using any non appropriate or unacceptable business practice”.
Lastly, if Mrs. 3N doesn’t follow her rationalistic ethical

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