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The announcement of spring brings with it the promise of childish whims. Adventures to the beach. Picnics in the park. Endless possibilities. But, for the teenagers and the so called ‘adults’ that we call ‘Big Kids’, there is the funfair!
The roar of music. The drums, thumping in the distance, like an elephant that rushes towards them. The bass tingling through their adrenaline-pumped bodies; racing through their blood; streaming through their system; while being blinded by the beaming rays of sunlight.
Arriving at the park with stomachs full of butterflies baited on a high from sheer adrenaline, the punters swarm. Their hands are shaking, their palms sweating; listening to the sounds of the rides as they call out to them.
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As they wander, odours of bittersweet caramel battled with the thick weight of greasy fat in a sickly potion of smells. Soft, sweet baby pink clouds of sugar drift past them in the clutches of excited children...it feels really magical.
A cacophony of different pitched screams, screeches and yelps flies into all ears like lightning. It’s a fierce sound that pierces all ear-drums.

The cheeky giggles of children soothe sore ears as the morbid, low-pitched laughter of adults deafen them.
Inhaling the aromas, a young boy sniffs hungrily the succulent, sizzling sausages that are drizzled in delicious, mouth-watering sauce.
An underage teenager; leaning on the side of the rusted, abandoned van; curled like a shrimp, holds a bottle of vodka. Drunken and disorientated, will he even make it home tonight?
Immense, electric lights franticly flash, spin, turn tumble then rapidly change, shooting into the ebony black sky, mascarading as silver colonies of shimmering stars. Like a moth to a flame, the hypnotized audience pushed, shoved and grasped at the magical illusion the merry-go-round was creating, incising them to experience the adrenaline which pumped through their veins, keeping the ride alive. The essence of sweet rippling candy-floss hinted the air, distracting the hyperactive families. A plump, peachy women smiled whilst she elegantly coiled and twisted the fluffy concoction around a stick, playfully perfecting the sugary

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