Energy for the New Millenium Essay

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Energy for the new millennium


The energy man's ultimate dream is to create energy out of nowhere. And that is going to happen, almost. A tiny start-up in US is set to launch an engine that requires no fuel, yes, no fuel. The other features- it produces no pollution, and runs nearly everywhere- are a bonus.

Entropy Systems, a seven-person start-up based in Youngstown, Ohio, is the company behind this and is planning to launch this engine-- named the Entropy engine--early next year. For Indians the matter of pride is that the technology's inventor, Sanjay Amin, a mechanical engineer, is an Indian and also the co-founder of the company.

The Entropy engine converts heat to mechanical power. Any mechanical power
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This enclosure has blades inside to rotate the gas. On one end of the enclosure is a piston that can compress the gas inside the enclosure.
First, a starter motor spins the engine to a high speed, which pushes the gas to the edge of the central chamber, as in a centrifuge. As the gas moves to the edge, it creates a partial vacuum in the centre that draws the piston out, compressing the gas.

In the second part of the cycle, the engine is slowed, and the gas redistributes itself throughout the chamber, which increases the pressure on the piston. Heat trapped in the gas is converted into the energy that moves the piston, which cools the air in the engine chamber.
When the temperature of the gas reduces below that of its surroundings a temperature gradient is created and heat from the surroundings start flowing into the gas. When the cycle is repeated again and again, heat from the gas is converted to power creating a larger and larger temperature difference. A larger temperature difference allows more heat to flow in and at a certain temperature difference equilibrium is created where the amount of heat inflow is exactly equal to the heat converted to power. As heat from the surroundings is absorbed into the gas, the surroundings cool down in temperature. Thus the entropy engine also operates as a refrigerator while simultaneously converting heat to power.
Initially, the technology will be used to create an outboard motor for

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