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Effective Communication Paper HCS/325 April 4, 2011

. Effective Communication “Communication takes place when one person transmits ideas or feelings to another person or group of people. Its effectiveness is measured by the similarity between the idea transmitted and the idea received” (1999-2007). Today’s businesses are growing and many are requiring teams setups to accomplish goal deadlines. This does create an advantage for it build
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During the first six months weekly meeting are held to maintain the team atmosphere and award accordingly to the advancement of the success the company has accomplished. “The organizational structure is the system of tasks, workflow, reporting relationships and communication channels that link the diverse parts of an organizations” (Lombardi &Schermerhorn, 2007 p. 83). In the new structure

of the merger between PJ Inc. and TB and Sons the decision was to go with the matrix structure. In doing so this allows the employees to work together in a group to share functional expertise and information that require a special skill. This allows them to share his or her ideas and thoughts on a project, which in turn will benefit the employees. After the employees finish the reports; he or she will submit his or her finding to the department manager.

Ineffective Information Sharing

Ineffective information sharing can be very unproductive. Not communicating can create frustration amongst the employees and employers. The sender must be able to convey the message that they are sending so the receiver can understand what is being said. At PJ Inc. feedback on all forms of communication is encouraged on a daily basis. This way the company will know exactly where it stands with the employees. For when ineffective information

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