Dress Code Essay examples

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Jessica Bates
Professor Baker
ENGL 1302.WS8
16 April 2015
Dress Code is Irrelevant A dress code is basically a set of rules stating what you can and can’t wear. Everyone has had a dress code at least once in their life. You mainly see dress codes at school. Dress codes in the educational environment are possibly the strictest set of rules. You’ll notice that the dress codes at school get stricter as the students get older. The fact that dress code is highly enforced causes great controversy in society. There are many issues that dress codes cause, and they all mainly affect the females. The main reason that dress codes should be banned all together is because it is shaming girls and their bodies more than it is protecting the
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There are countless stories about girls who try to go to someone and tell them what happened and as soon as the words “I was raped” comes out of their mouth, the person they are telling says, “Well, what were you wearing?” An article about dress code states, “For many girls, running afoul of a school dress code is about much more than a high schooler’s ruined dance – practically a rite of passage – it can also send the message that girls are automatically at fault when boys are not respectful.”(Staff) That is not a message I want to be sent to my daughter in the future. I would never want my daughter, sister, mother, cousin, or even best friend to ever think that it was her fault that she was treated disrespectfully. Another issue about dress code is how it has drastically changed. I used to be told that the dress code was enforced because once we get out in the real world and get real jobs, we have to dress professionally. So basically, school dress code was supposed to help us for the future. Now, dress code has changed from helping us to hurting us. It is said now that dress code is enforced not only to help us in the real world, but to decrease distractions for learning. The same article as above states, “The goal of most dress codes is to discourage inappropriate dress and cut down on distractions in the classroom. But the result is often institutions telling impressionable young people that their identity and the

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