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Is Diversity the Key?

Thomas Evans II GM 591
Leadership and Organizational Behavior

I. Introduction
The home of Tony Romo and a handful of National Football League Head Coaches is what my previous employer and Alma-Mater is most known for to the everyday person. The Eastern Illinois University Athletic Department is rich in history. Eastern Illinois University is a Division I University in Charleston, Illinois. It has a full-time enrollment of about thirteen thousand students and about 500 of those are student athletes. The Athletic Department was first created around 1899 shortly after becoming a fully accredited institution of higher learning. The athletic department has a full-time staff
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Eight of the one hundred full time staff members are considered a minority excluding political, age, gender, and religious differences. Demographics are better represented the lower you go on the totem pole. The number of demographics increases when looking at interns, graduate assistants, and part-time student workers. The lack of diversity is defiantly a problem within the Athletic Department. Ideologies and Strategies within the department are also lacking in diversity. Only recently has the hiring process improved at EIU. The current athletic director Barbara Burke has helped to implement a new process, but the lack of diversity is affecting that as well.

III. Literature Review
Diversity is a pretty hot topic in the world of business and organizations. Finding helpful information proved to be rather easy. I tried to find example of what exactly I’m dealing with. I was able to find examples of diversity action plans implemented at various universities across the country. I was able to find articles that specifically linked diversity and over job performance.
In the fall of 2002 the University of Arizona realized that all departments in their university in addition to the student body and staff were all lacking in diversity. The University’s president at the time Peter Likins formed a board consisting of different members called The Diversity Coalition. He when challenged them to improve

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