Essay on Different School Models

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Different Schools Model
Natalie Jones
EDU650: Teaching, Learning and Leading in the 21st Century
Instructor: Angela Stevens
March 16, 2015

Different Schools Model All Learning institutions have different beliefs and styles when it comes to how teachers implement their lessons and strategies. Although, educators have different method, their share the same objective and that is to design and apply material to the appropriate age in such a way that students are able to learn and excel in their learning style. The two schools that I want to discuss are both public school, but they have a different classroom and learning dynamic.
School A: Capistrano Elementary/Los Angeles Public School-Support Staff
School B: Pulaski Road
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They have to work with students with disabilities and are not able work as fast general educational classes.
School B: The issues that they face are personal, the students lack confidence. The children are not at the same confidence level and it has a hindrance on how they feel about their work
How are you addressing these issues?
School A: working in small groups based on students ability, which seems to be beneficial. When it comes to lack of funds, they learn to work around or just go without.
School B: They just focus on giving them extra support and giving them positive reinforcement with their work.
What role does technology play?
School A: For the students who have problems with the English language, they use iPads to assist with communication. They also use a projector to give instructions. The students have access to the school’s computer lab once a week for forty five minutes.
School B: They use smart boards in the classrooms, the students also use the school’s computer to access online workshops through the school website with their own personal password and username.
What subject area students need to master the most?
School A: The students are need of mastering both Math and Reading
School B: They believe need to master reading the most because without being about to read a student cannot be able succeed in other areas.
The most important skills to be taught
School A: Basic life skills such as; math and

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