Differences Between the Adn and Bsn Essay

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The Associate Degree Nurse or ADN has been called to advance their education in the interest of enhancing quality and safety across healthcare settings (Tri-Council, 2010). The Tri-Council states that “A more highly educated nursing workforce is critical to meeting the nation’s nursing needs and delivering safe, effective patient care” and, “without doing so the nation’s health will be further at risk” (Tri-Council, 2010). While both the Baccalaureate and the Associate Degree Nurse share the same licensure and have comparable salaries, there is a call for ADN’s to further their education. The reason for this is so that the Nursing profession as a whole can establish a new definition as to what qualifies someone to be an entry level …show more content…
More than79% of employers are now requiring or expressing a strong preference for nurses with a Baccalaureate Degree” (AACN 2014, October).

Historically speaking, both ADN’s and BSN’s have had comparable job opportunities regarding Entry Level positions. Magnet hospitals, which are recognized for nursing excellence and superior patient outcomes are on the rise. The IOM states that “Any new hospital applying for Magnet designation must show what plans are in place to achieve the Institute of Medicine’s recommendation of having an 80% Baccalaureate prepared RN workforce by 2020” (IOM, 2010). In the past decade, a shift has been noted, with employer’s wanting Baccalaureate prepared nurses in their facilities. An ADN searching to find a fitting job has become more difficult.

A patient care situation which can describe how nursing care or approaches to decision making may differ based upon the educational preparation of the nurse may look something like this. If a 38-year-old, obese, African American woman is admitted to a unit due to chest pain, no doubt the ADN would care for the patient, but would most likely be comfortable taking care of the clinical issues, such as, vital signs, blood glucose, weight, labs, as well as interpreting results. Given the broader scope of education that the Baccalaureate prepared Nurse possess, they may be

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