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November 2002 Stanford Lin Project Manager MIT-China Management Education Project

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Selected portions of this presentation have been reprinted from materials published by the Career Development Office of MIT Sloan and the Career Services Office of Harvard Business School.

• • • • • Resume Purpose Resume Preparation and Format Resume Tips Special Concerns Common Mistakes

Cover Letters
• Cover Letter Purpose • Cover Letter Preparation and Format • Common Mistakes

Resume Purpose
1. Presentation of yourself targeted to an employer’s needs 2. Document that emphasizes transferable skills such as teamwork, analytical abilities, leadership and management 3. Marketing
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Company management wants to exit from the Guangdong market.

• Action taken
Did market survey. Looked at products’ strengths and weaknesses relative to competition’s products. Talked with salespeople. Discovered salespersons’ commission plan favored the sale of cheaper products. Proposed new compensation system to reward sale of high-margin products.

• Result achieved
Increased company revenues by 5% after 6 months and by 15% after 18 months.

• Therefore, the PAR statement could be:
“Increased revenues in Guangzhou by 15% within 18 months through introduction of new sales compensation plan which provided incentives for sales force to focus on high-margin products”

PAR Example #2
• Problem identified
Your construction company is planning to build five buildings for client in Shenzhen.

• Action taken
Worked in team of engineers which talked to client about buildings’ specifications and gave weekly presentations to client. Prepared budget. Handled materials procurement which obtained raw materials at a cheap cost. Was co-supervisor construction crew of 20 people.

• Result achieved
Completed five buildings within two year schedule.

• Therefore, the PAR statement could be:
“Supervised team of 20 engineers in construction of five office buildings in Shenzhen. Managed client communications, implemented competitive materials procurement process and monitored construction budget. Completed project according to a tight time deadline and at an 8%

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