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360° Feedback

13 Common Mistakes Using 360-Degree Feedback
Here’s how to avoid some common mis-steps when implementing multirater feedback
 By Scott Wimer & Kenneth M. Nowack ____________________________________________________________

Imagine having returned from a conference where you heard reports on the power of 360-degree or multi-rater feedback. Excited by the Prospect of introducing it in your organization you start sharing your enthusiasm and find that others are interested and receptive. After much discussion, you receive the go-ahead from your manager. Now, your challenge is to figure out the best way to implement it. First, you decide to do some informal benchmarking. As you read
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The feedback doesn’t address an organizational performance issue or strategic need. Instead it’s being done because it’s the latest management trend, because a senior manager thinks it’s a good idea, or because a recent benchmarking study reports that word-class organizations are doing it. Many organizations use 360 degree systems trying to address specific performance issues and problems. Similarly, training and performance improvement consultants, in their never-ending search for the latest cutting-edge tools, may unwittingly recommend interventions that appear exciting, without regard to whether they fit the culture of the organization or address important needs.

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Suggestion. Performing an intervention without a clear purpose is like prescribing an antibiotic for a virus; it doesn’t treat the underlying problems and may lead to undesirable outcomes. Multi-rater interventions can be powerful. They should be designed and implemented to address specific business and strategic needs. For example, managers may need to enhance the critical competencies for competitive performance, based on feedback from multiple internal and external stakeholders. Or people may be operating “in a vacuum”

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