Death of a Salesman Essay

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Kids: Grandpa can you please tell us another of your stories?
Grandpa: Again with you boys? how many times do i have to tell you this story?
Kids: please Grandpa, One last time.
Grandpa: ok fine, which one do u want to know
Sam: vimy ridge.
Arthur: No, no tell us the battle of Passchendaele
Sam: no I hate that one.
Grandpa: ok, ok calm down, i can only tell you one story tonight.
Sam: can you tell us ypres then?
Arthur: yeah i love that one, with all the Canadian Soldiers.
Grandpa: ok guys for the last time here it is.
Grandpa: In the first week of April 1915, the Canadian troops were moved from their quiet sector to a bulge in the Allied line in front of the City of Ypres. This was the famed—or notorious—Ypres Salient, where
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After advancing only 3.25 kilometres they stopped and dug in.
Arthur: Wow 50,000?
Grandpa: Yes, All through the night the Canadian troops fought to close the gap. In addition they mounted a counterattack to drive the enemy out of Kitcheners' Wood, an oak plantation near St. Julien. In the morning two more disastrous attacks were made against enemy positions. Little ground was gained and casualties were extremely heavy, but these attacks bought some precious time to close the flank.
Grandpa: The fierce battle of St. Julien lay ahead. On April 24, the Germans attacked in an attempt to obliterate the Salient once and for all. Another violent bombardment was followed by another gas attack in the same pattern as before. This time the target was the Canadian line. Here, through terrible fighting, withered with shrapnel and machine­gun fire, hampered by their issued Ross rifles which jammed, violently sick and gasping for air through soaked and muddy handkerchiefs, they held on until reinforcements arrived.
Kids: Thank you Grandpa
Grandpa: good night kids.

Battle of Ypres was the first Battle that The Germans started Using Chlorine Gas as a


“By December 20 the Canadians had reached the outskirts of Ortona, but it was not until three days after Christmas, after very severe fighting, that the town was cleared of the enemy. This was the first big street­fighting

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