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Laboratory Procedures
DeVry University
College of Engineering and Information Sciences I. OBJECTIVES
1. Understand and become familiar with fundamentals of DBMS security monitoring, auditing, logging, alerting, and reporting.
2. Install and configure a MySQL database.
3. Install and configure an Audit and Security module for MySQL database.
4. Generate logged events, and inspect contents of an Audit Log. II. PARTS
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3. Complete all steps required by Omnymbus to complete the configuration of your LINUX host, such as changing the root password and host name. Make a note of the IP address assigned to your new VM, for future use when managing or using your VM instance. MySQL Database Installation (all environments) 4. Install the current release (general, not beta) of MySQL. If you are using UBUNTU LINUX, you may do this from the UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER, found under APPLICATIONS on the desktop. For other versions of LINUX, research available methods for downloading and installing MySQL appropriate to your Operating System. These might include APT-GET, RedHat Package Manager (RPM), YUM, and so on.
5. Configure and test that your MySQL service. Be sure that the services have started, and that you are able to connect to MySQL. This may be done in a terminal session using a command line statement, such as: mysql –host=localhost –user=myname –password mydb. Alternatively, you may choose to download and install a GUI SQL administration tool, such as TORA or MySQL Workbench. The command line is installed by default; the GUI tools are optional.
6. Take a screenshot of your successful connection to your MySQL database, and paste this into your lab report.
7. We will need a database later, in order to test the audit logging of events we choose to monitor. Just about any

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