Dangreous Act Essay

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(Republic Act No. 6425) THE DANGEROUS DRUGS ACT OF 1972 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representative of the Philippines, in Congress assembled: SECTION 1. Short Title. - This Act shall be known and cited as the “The Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972”. ARTICLE I Definition of Terms SECTION 2. Definitions. - As used in this Act, the term: (a) “Administer” - refers to the act of introducing any dangerous drug into the body of any person, with or without his knowledge by injection, ingestion or other means or of committing any act of indispensable assistance to a person in administering a dangerous drug to himself; “Board” - refers to the Dangerous Drugs Board created under Section 35, Article VIII of this Act “Centers” - refers to any of …show more content…
1683 dated March 14, 1980)

(b) (c) (d)




“Deliver” - refers to a person’s act of knowingly passing a dangerous drug to another personally or otherwise; and by any means, with or without consideration; “Drug dependence” - means a state of psychic or physical dependence, or both, on a dangerous drug, arising in a person following administration or use of that drug on a periodic or continuous basis;



“Employee” of a prohibited drug den, dive or resort includes the caretaker, helper, watchman, lookout and other persons employed by the operator of a prohibited drug den, dive or resort where any prohibited drug is administered, delivered, distributed, sold or used, with or without compensation, in connection with the operation thereof; “Indian Hemp” - otherwise known as ‘Marijuana’, embraces every kind, class, genus or specie of the plant cannabis sativa L., including cannabis americana, hashish, bhang, guaza, churrus and ganjab, and embraces every kind, class and character therof, whether dried or fresh and flowering or fruiting tops or any parts or portions of the plant, seeds thereof, and all its geographic varieties, whether as a reefer, resin, extract, tincture or in any form whatsoever; (As amended by B.P. 179 dated March 2, 1982) “Manufacture” -

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