Dangers of Sexual Missconduct Essay

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The Dangers of Sexual Misconduct in the Field of Psychology


The issues of sexual misconduct by individuals in the helping professions like psychology, where clinicians have direct contact and care with clients, has evolved over the years. The issues of dual-relationships with client and therapist, risk factors, and consequences that can happen when this happens and client based inappropriate behaviors that are directed toward clinicians will be addressed. These behaviors have created concern over the past two decades, some of the research completed on this issue in the form of surveys will be discussed. Codes of ethics and standards and a number of other factors that can be seen as unique in the helping professions due to
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When looking at the central point being made, the dimensions of the therapist attitudes and behaviors of 14 clinicians being surveyed allowed for a range of views. Each was held in regards to what was appropriate or not. Three major factors were found in the survey and ratings by the 14 therapist. These three factors were, touching, suggestive behaviors, and overt sexual behaviors. The 14 all agreed that overt sexual behaviors was always to be considered as misconduct. Touching behaviors were considered as seldom misconduct and suggestive behaviors to be held as being misconduct. What this means in regards to the study being done is that the distinctions between nonsexual and sexual behaviors can be over simplified and needs to have a more defined definition. Some of the strengths of this article was the understanding that it is not gender specific. The article did show that the incidence of sexual harassment misconduct was higher in males than the female therapists. This was not necessarily due to the fact that the men were engaging in higher rates of inappropriate behaviors with their clients and women were not, but rather men may be more willing to report situations they had seen or been involved in the study and women were possibly more sensitive in divulging the

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