Critical Thinking Essay examples

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1. The impact of the experiment before and after was much different from one another. During the experiment, the teacher had asked who had blue eyes. Students raised their hands if they had blue eyes, and she went on explaining how blue eyed students are better, smarter, more fun. While the brown eyed students were the opposite. They felt very left out, treated unfairly, didn’t feel confident in the classroom, him or her, or life itself. They turned into “nasty, vicious, and discriminating” kids. After the experiment, the teacher gathered all the students together to talk about the experiment. She broke down the news that actually blue and brown-eyed students are equally important and special. The students all agreed and were excited to …show more content…
(b) The children didn’t really speak up about the experiment while it was happening. They just took it and listened to the teacher whereas the adults reacted a little differently. A few adults spoke up about it but not in a respectful manner. 4. A couple weeks ago, I was at an interview downtown LA. I was walking out of the building, standing on the corner waiting for the light to turn green so I could walk across the street, and talking to my Mom on the phone about how excited I was. There were a couple people around me, but that’s the usual downtown. All of a sudden, I feel someone punch my shoulder. At first I thought someone just ran into my really hard, but I knew it wasn’t a shove or a push, it was a punch. I turned around to my right side and there was a woman walking by me with her fist clenched and ready to go. She was mumbling something I had no idea what, because I was so shocked that that just happened. I am not one of those people to start fights or confront people, plus I was on the phone with my Mother, so I just walked across the street when the light turned green. People were looking at my shocked but impressed I didn’t do anything about it. I told my Mom what happened and told her one side of my knew I shouldn’t have done something about it but walk away, then another part of me wanted to just confront her about it. She was a homeless, rugged, old lady, and was not worth my time, not for a split

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