Critical Thinking-Course Leadership Project Essay

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Transcript of "Brenda Andrews Course COLL148"

1) Brenda Andrews COLL148 12/15/2014 James Hess COURSE PROJECT PRESENTATION

2) Introduction My field of study My leader Impact that she has made Characteristics of a leader Positive Characteristics of my leader My personal strengths and weakness The conclusion

3) My Field of Study •Business Administration and Accounting •Own my own business. • In 20-25 years I get to retire •The leader in my field I have chosen one as a guide Manisha Thakor (Harvard MBA, CFA)

4) Your Field of Study One chapter closes as another one opens

5) My Leader •Manisha Thakor (Harvard MBA, CFA) •BA from Wellesley •MBA from Harvard Business School •CFA chartered Financial Analyst Chartholder
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• Listen to what is being said • Ask questions • Read more • Be aware of body language

14) Conclusion • I have learned more what I need to be aware of to become an effective leader in the financial world of today. • Business administration and Accounting • Manisha Thakor • Characteristics of a Leader • Strengths and weakness

15) References • Prive,T.(2012)Forbes, Top 10 Qualities that make a great leader. Retrieved from. 10-qualities-that-make-a-great-leader • Sherfield, R. M. & Moody, P. G.(2011) Cornerstone: Creating Success Through Positive Change 6th Edition, 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. • Thakor,M. MoneyZen Wealth Management, LLC.Retrieved from. 14.pdf Wage Works.(2011). Wage Works, Save smart spend healthy. Retrieved from. bio.html

16) Reference • Clip art • Thakor,M. MoneyZen Wealth Management, LLC.Retrieved from. Microsoft Word Graduation Microsoft clip art

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