Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine Refining Process Introduction

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Wintone Machinery adopts the most advanced CE and ISO9001 approval continuous cottonseed oil refining process line to get high purity and high oil yield refined cottonseed oil. Available with both physical and chemical refinery technology, we are able to provide customers the most affordable cottonseed oil refining machines including design, manufacturing, installation with guaranteed quality and reliable service.

Main Refining Process of Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine:
(1).P-acid degumming operation of Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine
Drawing the filtered or settled crude oil into the neutral pot, control oil te- mperature 40 ° C, liquid level cover the neutral pot volume about 80 %.Add into the neutral pot P-acid with 85%
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(4).De-watering of cotton seed oil refinery machinery
Start vacuum machine, open the vacuum valve on the de-color pot, make the pot inside vacuum above 750mmHg , inhale the clear oil after water rinse into the de-color pot.
Start up de-color pot main axis, stirring at 30r/min, and make the pot inside oil temp reach 90 - 95 ° C, carrying vacuum dry hydrate, about 30 min, no frog in the pot, indicate that the dehydrate finished.

(5).de-coloring of cotton seed oil refinery machinery
After dehydrate, inhale 3-5% oil weight active clay into the de-color pot to carry absorb de-coloring. De-color pot main axis stirring speed 60r/min, time 20 min, vacuum degree 750mmHg, is the whole absorb de-color craft process requirement. Shut off vacuum valve, open vacuum break valve, stirring non-stop, reduce the oil temp down to 70 ° C, the de-color finished.
Continuous stirring, open oil outlet valve, press the de-color oil into the press filter, filter away waste clay, the last use air compressor blow clean and dry.

(6).De-odor operation of cotton seed oil refinery machinery
Open the vacuum valve, make the pot inside vacuum degree gradually reach above 750mmHg.
Inhale the de-color oil after filter into the de-odor pot, see to that oil amount should cover the pot volume 60%.Control oil temp at 240 ° C - 260 ° C, use thedirect steam under 0.1 -0.3Mpa to distillate 3-4 hours.Shut off steam, shut off heat source, when the oil temp cooling to below80 ° C,

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