Confidential Psychological Report Essay

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San Beda College
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Psychological Testing 02
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 12:30pm-1:30pm (34N)

A Confidential Psychological
Case Report of Michael Anthony C. Valdez


In fulfilment of the requirements in the course of

Submitted by:
Mark Anthony F. Tan
3rd yr IRR-APS

Submitted to:
Prof. Annabel Quilon

I- Pre-intake Interview

A. Personal Data

Name: Michael Anthony C. Valdez

Address: Crisolita St. - San Andres Bukid, Metro Manila

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birth date: January 28, 1990

Birth place: Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center, Malate Manila

Social Status: Single

Occupation: Peer Health
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One time he was supposed to see and meet her for the first time but he declined and rejected the invitation as he’s better off without her. He would often act tough and hard whenever having conversations about his mother but displays a mask to hide his repressed anger and depression.

3. Larger Family Circle

Mr. Valdez, the client’s siblings and extended family relatives from both sides would rarely come over and see each other because of long distance relationships, thus, the only means of communication and connection is through social networking sites in the internet. At least once a year on special occasions, family reunions and barrio fiestas they would meet and visit each other’s homes except, Mrs. Valdez who is hated and shunned away from the family. For most part of Michael Anthony’s childhood, He was raised by Aunt Malou, a family relative and grew up in the company of a female controlled household. During the time when his father was forced to work for 18 hours just enough to sustain the family’s basic needs, the client would sometimes hang out and bond with his female aunts and cousins; strolling and frolicking by the baywalk and having picnic at the province.

4. Physical Surroundings of Youth

Early on his childhood to pre-adolescence, he began to display and show signs of homosexuality when he unconsciously acquired and copied the mannerisms of his female family relatives. During this time, that he also felt

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