Essay about Comparison Matrix and Outline

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Comparison Matrix and Outline
Grand Canyon University: RES811
March 2, 2016

Comparison Matrix | Article 1 | Article 2 | Article 3 | Title/Author(s) | Critical Thinking In Distance Education and Traditional EducationVisser, L., Visser, Y. L., & Schlosser, C. (2003) | Developmental Networks and Learning: Toward an Interdisciplinary Perspective on Identity Development During Doctoral Study. Baker, V., & Lattuca, L. R. (2010) | Socialization of Doctoral Students to Academic NormsWeidman, J. C., & Stein, E. L. (2003) | | | | | Persistent GCU library link | |
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| Which environment do doctoral students do better in and whether learning is developmental or socially driven? | A survey was administered to determine the level of socialization between students and faculty as well as the interactions between other students, and whether either contributed to their success or failure as learners. | | | | | Literature ReviewHow is this organized? What are the main themes found in the review? Who are the main authors used? | In this article, the author’s used other’s research to help determine when and where critical thinking took place. The main theme throughout the article is how to create more critical thinkers. | In this article, the author’s used other’s research to determine whether the environment plays a role in learner. The main theme throughout this article is determining whether learners are taught better through a social environment or is developmental. This study was primarily focused around the doctoral student. | In this article, the author’s used other’s research to help determine which variables played a bigger role in learning, more peer interactions during learning or more student and faculty interactions. The author’s surveyed students in this study to determine the results. | | | | | Sample Population(s)What group(s) is/are being studied? | The populations being studied in this article were students in 66 private and public universities in California. | The

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