Code of Ethics in a Corporation Essay

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1: Summary of writing intent leading to thesis
2: Define ethics
3: Discuss the importance of ethics in the business environment
4: Connecting Law and Ethics/The role of ethics in law
5: Elaborate on the ethics side of each case.
6: Summary The question of whether an employee can be terminated for off-duty activity can be answered in numerous ways. Some occupations require employee carry a firm moral code even when they are not present at workplaces such as priests, CEOs, and other public or civil servants while other occupations are more lax or do not even require anything more of their employees rather than to show up on time and perform at expected performance levels. The varying levels of standards,
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In the U.S., over ninety percent of the large corporations have a code of ethics as of 1992 while Canada has over eighty-five as of 2000, thirty percent of French companies have a code and fifty-one percent of companies in Germany have a code. Moral and ethical codes have had tremendous growth largely due to the provision of consistent normative standards for employees, avoidance of legal consequences, and promotion of public image Furthermore, ethical values indicate a position on important moral concerns and ultimately serve as roadmap for the management of different business practices. Ethics codes have a positive effect on a company and its employees when integrated into the comprehensive philosophy of business ethics The process of deciding what is ethical in company code can be taken from the law. Society as a whole, with the contribution of the legal and political process, can lobby for and pass laws that specify what people can and cannot do. Laws specify what sanctions or punishments will follow if those laws

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