Client Paper

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BSHS/305 Client Paper

There are several different problems that people face in their everyday life. Knowing this is critical to be able to understand the client and what problems the client can encounter. There are different levels of problems; some of them are small and some of them are large. The different problems affect people in different ways and this means each person deals with them in different ways. Knowing this is why there are different specific helping skills human professionals can use with clients.
When a client has a problem that is letting the human service professionals know that the client is in need of help. The client can show different feelings for different types of problems. It is the professional’s job to
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In some situations the clients do not have the resources, skills, or self-confidence to solve their own problems. More problems that are faced by clients are unemployment, school attendance, finding food, and shelter.

There are specific helping skills that human service professionals use to help their clients in need of help. Prior to meeting the client for the first time the human service professional needs to prepare for their visit. The professional looks for any physical barriers in the meeting place and removes them to make sure the client will feel comfortable and in a relaxed state. The human service professional needs to decide at this time how they are going to handle keeping track of what their client is saying and any personal items the human service professional wants to keep track of. Some workers choose to take notes while the client speaks, but that may make you miss the body language and to really see how your client is feeling. You may choose to take the notes afterwards or even at the end of the day, everyone needs to find a system that works for them. There needs to be the correct and needed forms filled out and the clients background needs to be completed. When the client arrives the professional should greet them with respect and acceptance, do not stereotype or judge your client. You can greet your client with a smile, handshake, and an introduction this action will help the client feel comfortable and at ease. Using ice

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