Essay about Cis 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions

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CIS 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions CIS 312 Midterm Exam Possible Questions
Question 1
A ____ network is a complex combination of communication protocols, methods of data transmission, and network hardware devices.
Question 2
Some experimental computers have used quantum physics to perform data storage and computation.
Question 3
____ is typically the cheapest component of current information systems.
Question 4
The biggest impetus for the change to electronic computing devices came during World War I.
Question 5
A machine capable of addition can perform multiplication by executing the addition function multiple times.
Question 6
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Question 16
A ____ performs specific tasks that can be counted or measured.
Question 17
The surface area allocated to a bit is called the ____.
Question 18
Wait states increase CPU and computer system performance.
Question 19
Multiple hard drives can be enclosed in a single storage cabinet; this arrangement is referred to as a ____.
Question 20
____ is a generic term for describing secondary storage data transfer units.
Question 21
Early computers implemented primary storage as rings of ferrous material, a technology called ____.
Question 22
Volatility is a matter of degree and conditions.
Question 23
The time the disk controller must wait for the right sector to rotate beneath the heads is called ____.
Question 24
A storage device or medium is ____ if it can’t hold data reliably for long periods.
Question 25
A(n) ____ is a related group of primitive data elements organized for some type of common processing and is defined and manipulated in software.
Question 26
A(n) ____ is a data structure containing both traditional (static) data elements and programs that manipulate the data.
Question 27
Understanding data representation is key to understanding hardware and software technologies.
Question 28
The data types a CPU supports are sometimes called ____ data types.
Question 29
The fractional portion of a real number is represented by digits to the right of the ____.
Question 30
With any fixed-width data storage format, it’s possible that the

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