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CIS 170 Midterm Exam Answers
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• Question 13
Fortune 1000 technology firms report an average of how many espionage attacks per year?
• Question 14
Which of the following is defined in terms of their activities related to denial of service attacks?
• Question 15
Traditional money laundering techniques include all of the following except one. Which technique below is not a traditional method of money laundering?
• Question 16
Opportunities for identity crimes have increased primarily because consumers are increasingly asked to use their social security number as a personal identifier.
• Question 17
A subculture is a set of values, norms, and beliefs that differ from the dominant culture.
• Question 18
The unique feature of a worm is that it:
• Question 19
A virus is a piece of code that attaches itself to other instructions within a computer.
• Question 20
Which of the following is most true?
• Question 21
A worm is a program that reproduces itself over a computer network by breaking into computers much like a virtual hacker.
• Question 22
The United States is likely the nation that is most vulnerable to digital terrorism.
• Question 23
According to Merton, a(n) ___________ accepts the goal of economic success but rejects the institutionalized means to obtain it.
• Question 24
The 80s were a pivotal decade in the trend toward defining hackers as “criminals.”
• Question 25
One of the primary tenets of the

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