Challenges of Onlne Surveys Essay

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Overcoming Challenges to Conducting Online Surveys
Jiali Ye Georgia State University, USA

Chapter VIII

The widespread use of personal computers in the work place and at home has created a new opportunity of conducting research. With the increasing accessibility of the Internet and e-mail, using the new medium to distribute surveys is gaining popularity among researchers. The online survey, however, is a “double-edged sword,” with the ability to access a large number of respondents at low costs, but the risk of increasing difficulties to evaluate the quality of the research (Couper, 2000). Concerns over response rates, sampling, and controlling the data collection environment have posed serious challenges to online
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Web-based surveys. One important feature of Web sites are forms that allow the user to select an option by clicking in small circles or boxes, or to type responses in a box. In a Web-based study,

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Overcoming Challenges to Conducting Online Surveys

respondents are directed to a Web page containing a form (a questionnaire). They can fill out the form and then select an option to submit their answers. The answers then will be automatically passed to a program for scores, or sent to the researcher’s e-mail. Compared to e-mail surveys, Web-based surveys are more standardized and convenient for users.

challenges to conducting online surveys and Improvement strategies
Online surveys can be an effective and economic way to collect data. Miller and colleagues (Miller, Neal, Roberts, Baer, Cressler, Metrik, & Marlatt, 2002) noted that the superiority of Internet-based research to traditional methods lies in that “it potentially provides increased accessibility; capability for dynamic and interactive forms, which eliminate the viewing of irrelevant questions; and customized feedback tailored to the content of the responses” (p.56). When researchers use an online survey, they can enjoy a number of benefits linked to the Internet. However, they should also be

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