Censorships in Education Essay

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In today’s schools, children are exposed to an expanded curriculum. As the world wide web, has opened doors to different cultures’, beliefs, and political stands, our curriculum has change to incorporate the growing need for diverse information. The freedoms to say, write, or have the right of expression in a manner without legal boundaries. As outlined in the first amendment, Americans are to have right to say or believe what we want, and how we want to express it. However, in an attempt to banish ignorance about our history while not offending students from other countries, and cultures, some of our textbooks have been censored. The beginning of book banning in schools is like, “an unnoticeable disease, which multiplied into a deadly …show more content…
Children reading which monitored or is censored may in many ways protect the child from obscene, vulgar or otherwise questionable material. While learning entities and parents censor some historic topics to be taught in their educational districts’, many times they are doing this to protect the youth from being introduced to history, which is viewed to graphic for the age, or to prevent the corruption of young and their vulnerable minds. So, whether it is the shame felt regarding the actual event, or attempts to protect our youth from the graphic and many times in human acts, history books are not to be used as a syllabus to history but as an outline for further inquiry (Tanner, (1971). Therefore, when attempting to cover the history of our country and the world, textbook are just tools, as the teachers’ introduction and continued emergent in learning can determine the success of learning process.

It has been said that history repeats itself, therefore; if we do not teach the historical events which now are look upon as travesties, will we not risk a repeating of the same events? While implementing restrictive worldviews can allow the youth to grow and mature and make sound decisions, but having been introduced to half truths or partial events can plant the seeds of bigotry; along with developing a belief that that those of other cultures who believe differently must be

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