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CCNA 1 Chapter 4 V4.0 Answers
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1 Refer to the exhibit. What two pieces of information can be determined from the output that is shown? (Choose two.)

The local host is using three client sessions.

The local host is using web sessions to a remote server.

The local host is listening for TCP connections using public addresses.

The local host is using well-known port numbers to identify the source ports.

The local host is performing the three-way handshake with

2. After a web browser makes a request to a web server that is listening to the standard port, what will be the source port number in the TCP
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8. Why is flow control used for TCP data transfer?

to synchronize equipment speed for sent data

to synchronize and order sequence numbers so data is sent in complete numerical order

to prevent the receiver from being overwhelmed by incoming data

to synchronize window size on the server

to simplify data transfer to multiple hosts

9. During a TCP communication session, if the packets arrive to the destination out of order, what will happen to the original message?

The packets will not be delivered.

The packets will be retransmitted from the source.

The packets will be delivered and reassembled at the destination.

The packets will be delivered and not reassembled at the destination.

10. With TCP/IP data encapsulation, which range of port numbers identifies all well-known applications?

0 to 255

256 to 1022

0 to 1023

1024 to 2047

49153 to 65535

11. Which transport layer protocol provides low overhead and would be used for applications which do not require reliable data delivery?






12. What are two features of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP)? (Choose two.)

flow control

low overhead



sequence and acknowledgements

13. What mechanism is used by TCP to provide flow control as segments travel from source to

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