Essay about Catholic Social Teaching

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Social doctrine of the church as a social instrument of the new evangelization

Three terms are present in the title of this issue: two explicit (social doctrine of the church and new evangelization) and an implicit (evangelization). We can’t talk about the new evangelization without connecting it with the evangelization itself; the relationship between the church’s social doctrine and the new evangelization comes through the evangelization.
The first thing it’s the evangelization, the most original, and that goes back to the origins of the church.
The church’s social doctrine, born in the 19th century as an attempt to answer of faith to the great problems which occurred with modernity, as new ideologies that give the body and the
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We know that the way of life of the Christians was one of the most convincing things for the pagans. Following the conversion comes the instruction in the word f God, until all ended at the baptism and the eucharist.
During more than three centuries the church expands, following the next scheme, all above the Roman Empire. In this expansion it finds a lot of difficulties. At the beginning there were reduced and almost unknown communities, little by little gaining some notoriety: in this way they reached the commitment of many but also the rejection of many.
We can find an amazing testimony of what all of those communities were in the Letter to Diogneto, a Christian script from the middle of the 2nd century.
As we could know the life of the Christian was full of paradoxes. And the most radical paradox was: that they were admired and hated at the same time. But all of this will going to change with the entry of Constantine the emperor to the power.

The evangelization in the Christian empire
The peace of Constantine at the 313 year opened an era of tolerance in which the Christian religion stopped from being pursued. And it will be admitted as another of the many religion that were practiced, at the 360 year the emperor Theodosius declared the christianism the official religion of the empire. With this changes the whole sense of the evangelization.
Now church and empire unified themselves. And the expansion of the empire involves an

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