Case Study Project Manage Mr Jone's Shed Essay example

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Early in January Fred Smith, the founder and chief executive of Fred’s Sheds, received a phone call from Mr Jones, requesting a quote to design and build a workshop on his property. Fred asked Mr Jones what size and type of shed he would like, when he wanted work to commence, and when he wanted it completed. Mr Jones told him that he required a large shed, big enough to conduct his furniture making business.
He also specified that the shed must have power, water and a toilet. In addition he wanted a separate office space large enough for three people. He requested that the shed be made of high quality materials, because twice in the previous ten years other sheds in the area had been damaged by inclement weather, costing many thousands
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Following this, the site would be excavated. The excavation would include the holes for the supporting frames as well as the concrete floor. Such a large shed would need better than normal foundations for the supporting frames. Karen would need to check these details with the shed supplier and calculate this requirement as part of her design. While the excavation was taking place, Fred would need to remember to book a council inspection for the formwork prior to concreting, as well as booking the concrete truck, a date for the shed to be delivered, a date for the shed installation team to start, and dates for his subcontractors to come and install power and water. Fred realized the supporting frames would need to be installed before the council inspection. This meant he must also arrange for the frames to be delivered early and installed before the rest of the shed arrived. Because he did not have any carpenters Fred decided to let a contract for the construction of the office and toilet. He would need to call a tender to get the best price for this work. Fred also needed to arrange for Bob the plumber to install the sewerage connection pipe prior to concreting.
After pouring the concrete, his team would need to strip the formwork. At this time Fred could invoice Mr Jones for a progress payment as this represented a milestone in the project. Following this the shed could be delivered and installed. Once the shed was installed the carpenter could build the office

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