Case Study - Mr Rakesh Sharma Essay

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The case study given is about a fresh graduate, Mr. Rakesh Sharma joined Modern Industries Ltd. (MIL) in Bangalore as a trainee against a projected vacancy in the Paints Application Department for one-year training. Mr. Sharma has been performed very well. The Department Manager and the Training Manager were satisfied with his performance in the first two quarters. However, when stepping in to the third quarter, Mr. Sharma raised an issue about curtailing his training period. The request has not be entertained and Mr. Sharma's behavior started to change and became unacceptable. Counseling session and warning letter have been issued to him and the situation did not turn good. One of the primary objectives of the Training Department …show more content…
Try standing in someone else´s shoes; it will considerably improve your communication with that person. In this case, Training manager doesn’t seem to communicate well with Mr. Sharma when Mr. Sharma voice out his request. The manager’s reply upon Mr. Sharma is more considered as a perfunctory to Mr. Sharma. This caused Mr. Sharma to feel that the request and problems were not being taken seriously by management. As a result, it de-motivated Mr. Sharma to keep on with training. Manager should standing in employee’s shoes to understand better their exact situation and their needs. It certainly assists a lot to improve communication between manager and employees. Hence, we suggest that manager should really look into the matter if any of the subordinate especially trainee voicing out opinion and requests. Manager should investigate and evaluate such matter deeply upon Mr. Sharma’s request to decide whether his performance is good enough to curtail his training period to 7 months and absorb him as engineer. Also, to look into trainee’s benefits whether it reaching satisfactory level for trainees or whether the matter is only happened on Mr. Sharma since there is an issue has been voice out by him.

Issue 2: Employee’s behavior
Employee’s behavior is referring to the way the employee responses toward his/her job. Generally, employee’s behavior can be classified into either positive or negative. A positive behavior indicates a strong employment engagement

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