Essay on Case Analysis

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G.R. No. 170743
Date: April 12, 2007

Nature of the case: Civil case

Facts of the case: Respondent is the widow of Zacarias F. Villareal, a technical education and skills development supervisor in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority at the time of his death on October 20, 2002 due to myocardial infarction. Respondent filed with petitioner a claim for death benefits under PD 626, as amended. Petitioner denied the claim on the ground that the cause of death was not work-connected. The ECC upheld petitioner. On appeal, however, the CA reversed petitioner and the ECC and held that
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(c) If a person who was apparently asymptomatic before subjecting himself to strain at work showed signs and symptoms of cardiac injury during the performance of his work and such symptoms and signs persisted, it is reasonable to claim a causal relationship. The CA found that “[t]he various stressful tasks and responsibilities the deceased had to perform exacerbated the development of his illness.” It held that Zacarias’ case was covered by condition (a) of Resolution No. 432. In several cases, we ruled consistently that myocardial infarction is a compensable occupational disease. In Rañises v. ECC, we summarized some of these cases: In Sepulveda v. Employees Compensation Commission, a public school teacher, assigned to a remote rural area, died of myocardial infarction. In sustaining the claim for compensation benefits, we held that due to his occupation as a school teacher assigned to one of the remotest parts of Tangub City, his illness was directly brought about by his employment or was a result of the nature of such employment. In Cortes v. Employees Compensation Commission, we ruled that myocardial infarction is now considered an occupational disease by the ECC and is, therefore, compensable. Then in Eastern Shipping Lines, Inc. v. Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, we upheld the ruling of the POEA awarding compensation benefits to the heirs of a Filipino

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