Case Analysis : Nestle Company Essay

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Nestlé SA is a multinational company that operates in the industry of consumer products (Bloomberg). Some of its most popular brands in its portfolio includes the following: Gerber, Nestlé Pure Life, KitKat, Nestea, Dreyer’s, etc. (Nestlé Global). Due to the enormous size of this multinational firm, a specific ethical framework must be followed. The seven generic frameworks that should be followed by these companies are the following: fair working conditions, gender equity, concern for the environment, payment of a fair price, ethical sourcing as part of supply chain management, bribery and corruption, and social infrastructure assistance. Nestlé has the reputation of being ethical in the promotion of gender equity and their stance against bribery and corruption, but needs improvement or falters when it comes to the other five frameworks of ethical practices in a multinational company. In Nestlé, there is currently no trace of unethical practices in gender equity. As based on an article from Nestlé, the company supports a public awareness campaign called #LeanInTogether, driven by Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook (Nestlé Global). This is a good sign for Nestlé because it shows that the company wants a diversified work force working for them and they are not favoring specific genders in the workplace. To continue, in terms of corporate governance in Nestlé, there was a point in time where the company was criticized for corruption. According to the Huffington Post, in 2012,…

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