Case 9.5: Swedish Daddies Essay

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Assignment 2: Project Paper
Maria Kemp
Professor Broadway
Lithonia Campus
Bus 309-Business Ethics
Strayer University

My first child was born on March 18th 1990, I knew then that my family and raising my child was my number one priority. You see, I grew up in a home where my mother worked over sixty hours a week and we (her children) were known as “latch key kids”. We were expected to come home from school every day and lock the doors and stay inside out of the neighbor’s sight until my mother came home, which was later that evening sometime after 7 pm. Growing up in this environment taught me the being without parental supervision can and did get me and by three brothers into a lot of trouble. I decided if I ever had
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I wanted to be off on the weekends and work a 9 a.m. to 5p.m.Monday thru Friday so I could be home with my son in the evening and holidays.
Corporate America along with the Nursing Home Facility I mentioned early did not think about me. I represented most working women employees, and often times Corporations are more concerned with the company bottom line (their finances). However, the real bottom line is if their employees are happy then they (the employee) are more productive and more encouraged to go over and beyond the employer’s expectation. The sooner Corporations realize that they do need people and that good people makes a difference, we will be in a better position. For me, Corporate America did not fit my career and family life. I had to work part time for the majority of my son’s life; until he was 10 years old. And at that time I began working for my current employer Grady Memorial Hospital. One of the main accommodations that my current employer provides is onsite day care services.
For workers who wish to combine their career and raising a family. I believe that specialized organizational arrangements should be made. These arrangements should include providing onsite childcare for infant through pre-kindergarten age, as well as after school program provisions. The services should be provided to working parents at a discounted rate. Childcare is so expensive, if the parents

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