Carrefamily Essay

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Carrefamily is a large retail chain superstore, providing maximum variety of quality products in competitive price.

To provide best value, best quality and best service to achieve customer satisfaction.

Company Overview
Carrefamily is a sister concern of APKOM Group. Carrefamily is one of the most modern & largest Super Shops in the city, which have two outlets in Dhaka (Mirpur-11 & Adabor Ring Road). Carrefamily assures all kinds of products of people’s needs under one roof, giving highest attention to maintain product quality & better service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Organizational Profile
As of October 11, 2012 they only have 2 stores. Carrefamily was launched in March, 2009 with the opening
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Carrefamily ensures competitive price for the comfort and satisfaction of the valued customers. A highly motivated and dedicated team of educated and trained staffs are working hard to maintain the quality and good-will of the company by providing all necessary support to the valued customers.

Organizational Hierarchy
Carrefamily maintains a vertical organizational hierarchy. As it is a joint venture company, the hierarchy starts with the Mangaing director and ends with floor manager and sales supervisor under the store manager. Here is an overview of the management hierarchy.


Carrefamily provides a wide variety of items. Basically they provide all household products except furniture’s. Some of their products are:
 food items
 fish
 fresh vegetables
 fruits
 bakery
 dairy and
 grocery items together with a vast array of other

• household
• grocery
• personal care
• electronics
• garments, and miscellaneous products Special products:
BENGAL MEAT's 260 types of processed items of:
 Beef
 Meat &
 Chicken.

Supply chain

Carrefamily aims at reducing the number of middlemen in their supply chain. As a result, it can enjoy the profits that the middlemen would take away. On the other hand, it can offer products to the customers at a lower price and of better quality.

Carrefamily maintains a single level supply chain facility. That means they get the supplies from

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