Business Environment in the International Context (Hmv) Essay

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Contents Introduction 3 Microenvironment 3 Macro-environment 3 PESTAL 4 Political/Legal 4 Economical 4 Social 4 Technological 4 Environment 5 Porters 5 force analysis 5 Threat of New Entrant 5 Threat of Substitutes 5 The bargaining power of buyers 6 The bargaining power of suppliers 6 The intensity of rivalry among competitors in the industry 6 Structure of industry 6 Conclusion 7 List of References 9 Bibliography 10 Appendix 1 11

For this assignment I will be investigating the structure and analysing the environment of the music retailing industry. To analysis the industry I will be using three main techniques. These techniques will be a macro and micro environment analysis,
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Due to the competition within this industry some companies are being forced to diversify (HMVGroupPLC, 2011)
This is the environment which the industry and business has none too little influence over also known as the broad environment. The Macro-environment “can bring about the birth or death of an entire industry” (Campbell, Stonehouse, & Houston, 2002) this statement alone demonstrated the affect the Macro-environment can have. In recent time the Macro-environment has had a big impact on the music retailing industry in the form of the sharing of illegal music sharing and laws. A recent report shows that up to 95% of music online is illegal (Swash, 2009). To counter this illegal phonon there have been laws made to curb the ever increasing illegal download of music. For example in Spain has recently introduced a law which allows a website which facilitated illegal music downloading to be closed down within 10days (BBC, 2012). So this shows there is a battle of the government’s trying to curve illegal download, and people wanting to illegally download.
For this part of the report I will carry out a PESTEL analysis. In the case of this analysis it will be a PEEST analysis because we will be making Political combine with Legal. This is because in this industry the view is that legal is also a political

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