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BUS 661 Change at DuPont
FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT www.bus661papers.com Read the case study Change at DuPont from the end of chapter 7 in your text. Answer the following questions in a three- to four- page APA style paper; include outside sources to support your answers. a. To what extent are the following approaches to change embedded in the DuPont story (justify your answer, providing specific examples): • OD • Appreciative inquiry • Sense-making b. In your opinion, how compatible are these three approaches? Why? What evidence is there in the DuPont story to support your answer? As a change
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Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

BUS 661 Change Intervention
FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT www.bus661papers.com Complete the following exercise (Exercise 7.2 in your text): Choose a current issue in your local neighborhood. You will figure out how you would design a large-scale change intervention program in relation to this issue. Answer the following questions and respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. a. How many people would it make sense to involve? b. Where and when would you hold it? c. How would you ensure that you have a representative cross sample of relevant people in the room at the same time?
data sources would you need to achieve this? d. Who are the key decision makers in relation to this issue? What arguments will you use to get them to attend the meeting? e. How will you structure the agenda of the meeting? What would be the best way of doing this so that people who attend on that day have appropriate buy-in to it? f. How would you run the actual meeting? g. What technology would you need to make it work well? h. What would you like people to take away from the meeting? i. What follow-up actions would you plan to ensure that actions and decisions flowed from it?
j. What possible funding sources might you draw on to finance the meeting?

k. As a result of considering such questions, what new issues emerge for you, as a large-scale change

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