Bshs 375 Milestone Worksheet Essay

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Information Technology Milestones Worksheet

Complete the chart below. Include a minimum of 10 information technology milestones or events that impacted human services.

|Year |Milestone or Event |Impact on Human Services |
|1996 |Amber Alerts |Provides an online integrated national database for missing children |
| | |Initiates a widespread alert when a child goes missing |
|1960s |Electronic Health Record |The electronic health record helps with decreasing errors, documentation that is
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It gives you the best and most time efficient |
| | |way to get to the destination. |
|1992 |Smart Phones |Smart phones help the professional in ways of time management and proper |
| | |documentation. They can carry these devices everywhere they go and have access to |
| | |different things that may be helpful. It also provides a way for communication |
| | |between the client and the professional. |
|1950s |Internet Services |Internet services were a great advancement that have helped professionals manage |
| | |time with documentation as well as accessing other resources that may be helpful to |
| | |the client’s care and treatment. The client can also use these services to access |
| | |different links to communicate with the professional outside of the facility as well|
| | |as health documentation records on themselves. |

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