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Christianity's Dangerous Idea: The Protestant Revolution--
A History from the Sixteenth Century to the Twenty-First

A Paper Submitted to
Dr. Jonathan Yeager of the Liberty Theological Seminary
In Partial Completion of Course Requirements For
CHHI 525

Paul J. Limato 111
Norfolk, VA.
November 2012



Donald Whitney’s book Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life explores eleven different spiritual disciplines that should be active in the believers’
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Necessarily, the survey is quick and often superficial.
The second section, “Manifestation,” surveys the primary beliefs and positions taken by Protestants. Various chapters deal with theological views of the Bible, major teachings regarding man and salvation, the church and sacraments, the Christian’s relation to culture, politics, and society, and the way Protestantism has interacted with science and the arts. Again, the book quickly summarizes these important and detailed points. I think his discussion of Protestantism and science was especially helpful. Since Protestants include such a wide variety views on these subjects, it is hard to determine a center for each. McGrath sees unity more in the idea of the method of theology (individual judgment from Scripture) than in the results in each of these areas.
The final section, “Transformation,” emphasizes the more recent history of Protestantism in America and in the “Global South,” that is, the Southern Hemisphere. Especially important is the development and the tremendous growth of Pentecostalism, whose adherents now outnumber all other Protestants put together. The Author McGrath articulates this development as a natural outcome of the genius of Protestantism—the reinterpretation of Scripture by each generation, adapted to its own time and place. The Author communicates for the reader that he sees a bright future for Protestantism, viewed as a method with a very narrow agreed-upon base of doctrine, even if

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