Boccacio Tales Essay

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Boccassio’s Tales
Question one: Why are Ghismunda and Madonna Filippa considered to be two of Boccacio’s greatest characters? Compare and contrast their differing problems in choosing whom they wish to love. In what ways are they right or wrong in the choices they make? Why does Bocaccio dedicate the “Decameron” to women? How does this dedication relate to his theme of compassion at the beginning of the book? Explain and quote directly from the “Decameron” Ghismunda and Madonna Filippa are considered to be Boccaccio’s greatest characters because they are the characters who stand up for themselves boldly, They go against the societal norms and defy odds so as to stand for what they believe in. Also, their
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And besides this, no woman agreed when the law was made, and no woman was ever consulted. Therefore, we could justly define this law as unfair.” “…Is it not much better to serve a gentle man who loves more than himself than let it wither or go waste?” On the other hand, Ghismunda stands up to her father for her right as a woman and states all the reasons she actually took matters to her hands and found for herself a lover. She also gives her reasons for choosing the man she chose despite the father’s seemingly displeasure for choosing a man below her social class. She says, “… it is most true that I have loved, and do still love, Guiscard; and whilst I live, which will not be long, shall continue to love him; and if such a thing as love be after death, I shall never cease to love”. However, the two were in different circumstances. Filippa Madonna is charged with adultery yet Ghismunda’s major fault as it is, is that she chose a lover who was below her social class. Tancredi illustrates this when he says, “…you had made choice of a person more suitable to your own quality; but this Guiscard is one of the very meanest persons about my court.” The wrong choice made by Ghismunda was to kill herself. Suicide is never a solution but rather makes things worse. Filippa’s decision to commit adultery and openly admit to it without any remorse was also a wrong choice even though she was not happy with her marriage. Nevertheless, it was a

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