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THEO 104 Reading Question Answer Sheet
Week 6

I. Christianity is a Practical Religion Student Answer Column
Instructions to Student:
Write your answers in this column. They will be in blue.
The cell will expand as you type.

What Christianity is All About (textbook): Chapter 10
1. What is the relationship to works and salvation? Salvation is by grace through faith and good works are a result of a relationship with Christ. A faith without works is not genuine.
2. Why do Christians do good works? To practically display the love of God.
II. Christianity is a Movement that Transforms Culture
A. What Christianity is All About (textbook): Chapter 11
1. When did Christianity become Rome’s national religion? AD 313
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What term do foreign missionaries use to describe oikos conversion? A people movement
10. What is a “people movement”? Where many people make individual decisions to follow Christ.
11. How did the term “the Protestant work ethic” come about? Historians coined the term to describe the impact of the protestant reformation and rise of the middle class in Europe.
12. What does “Redemption and Lift” refer to? Those who work the hardest are rewarded financially.
B. Chapter in Revival book (online reading):
1. What church’s revival does the Author recount in this reading? Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA
2. What started the revival in that Church? One student confessing sin publicly
3. T/F According to the author revival is only a recent phenomenon, a unique cultural event erupting in the late 19th and early 20th century. false
4. How does the Author define revival? An evangelical revival is an extraordinary work of God in which Christians repent of their sins as they become intensely aware of his presence in their midst, and they manifest a positive response to God in renewed obedience to the known will of God, resulting in both a deepening of their individual and corporate experience with God, and an increased concern to win others to Christ.
C. Hell’s Best Kept Secret (Online Audio Lecture):
1. What percentage of converts did the lecturer say he found were falling away from the faith? 80%
2. What was the

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