Essay on Bank Marketing

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Customer is the kingpin for the development of trade, industry and services sector particularly in financial services. So, the significance of customer services in the banking sector came to force to compete in a market driven environment. Banks these days provide a variety of services ranging from opening a savings account to internet banking, granting loans to selling insurance, providing locker facilities to transferring money abroad. Their customers come from all classes of society from a salaried group to a Multi National Corporation having its business activities all around the world. The banks have to satisfy all the customers belonging to different social groups. Measuring services quality in the services sector particularly in the …show more content…
Review of literature
Sarin and Anil (2007) recommended that manpower in service organizations must work with the focus of satisfying the customer. Banking should bring out the areas requiring improvement and further throws light on the measures so that customers feel should be adopted in order to improve the quality of service. Hummayoun Naeem, Asma Akram and Iqbal Saif (2009) investigated the impact of service quality on customer satisfaction in the Pakistani banking sector. Results of the analysis indicated that service quality was proved to be a strong predictor of customer satisfaction in case of the foreign bank as compared with the public sector bank. The study concluded that service quality, if managed effectively, can contribute significantly towards customer satisfaction.Uma Sankar Mishra, Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra, Saroj Kanta Biswal and Bidhu Bhusan Mishra(2010)concluded that the major reasons for dissatisfaction with Public sector banks is the rigid policy, while for the Private banks it is mostly service related factors like service charges, interest rates on loans & term deposit and matching to concluded that the major reasons for dissatisfaction with public sector banks is the rigid policy, while for the private customer's attitude. Ushad Subadar Agathee (2010) advocated that there are increasing urgent needs for bankers to meet customer expectations for faster and better service with the number of bank branches

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