Assess the Sociological Explanations of Science and Ideology as Belief Systems

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Science comes from the Latin word meaning ‘knowledge’. Science is a way of looking at the natural world in a systematic and objective way therefore is able to universal laws. An ideology is a system of ideas and ideals and often acts as a foundation for economic or political theories and policies. A belief system is a framework of ideas that people use to explain the world around them.
Science is often seen as truer than other belief systems as it can be tested empirically meaning information comes from experience or from experiments. However not all sociologist agree with the assumption that science is more valid, for example, post-modernists would argue that science is just the dominant meta-narrative of this time, however this could
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An ideology can be seen as a belief system as it is also used to explain the world around us and both belief systems and ideologies claim the monopoly of the truth. However ideologies are often seen in a negative light due the way they are a systematic set of beliefs which only serve one particular group in society. Also the term belief system is often used when referring to religious ideas whereas the term ideology is often used when referring to secular and political beliefs, for example, Marxism or capitalism.
Feminists would argue that ideologies reinforce and legitimise gender inequalities as the ideas behind ideologies are patriarchal views used to control women. For example under capitalism women can be seen as products to raise the next workforce and to be a sponge for frustration that their husbands feel from work.
Marxists see ideologies as negative as they believe that they are used by the ruling class as a way to control and brainwash the lower classes, for example, the proletariat have to sell their labour to the bourgeoisie to earn money but in doing so they are being exploited. Gramsci argues that the working classes have been so brainwashed that we

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