Art History Essay

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Props Analysis and Procedural Essay

The following items were used during the making of this Sweded Video production:
• A Chainsaw (not turned on because it could possible injure someone)
• A piece of liver
• Red bell pepper
• Red paint
• A meat tenderizer(to represent an axe)
• Black North Face jackets (all the devils needed to wear black)
• Black boots
• Ipod(to record the production)
• Private property sign
• An orange tube that makes a howling or wind like sound(forgot the name)

Most of these items I already had, but some of them like the bell pepper, paint, and liver I did not have so I bought it from a store. Some of the other members in the group needed to help me with the ipod, private property sign, and a
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Another figure of black appears right before Toms eyes wearing a black jacket, black boots, and black pants. The figure replies to Tom and says “Deacon Peabody is dead”. Tom is now surrounded by two figures of black and begins to worry that he may not make it back home due to his curiosity of what was past that private property sign. Now, both figures of black become angry and frustrated at Tom because they want him to leave these woods now, but he refuses to. A third and final figure of black wearing a black jacket, black boots, and red pants appears in front of Tom and all of the figures say sternly for the final time “Leave now”. Tom horrified, finally leaves and wakes up in his house on a bed. Toms wife, begins to fight with Tom over something stupid of course. However, when Tom tells his wife about his experience in the woods, she begins to listen and tells him to go and get the riches and money that are hidden deep within the forest. Tom refuses to sell his soul to the three figures of black. So Tom’s wife decides to leave and makes a deal with the three devils. After making the deal, and as time passes by, the devils decide to grab an axe and cut out the liver and heart of the wife due to her selfishness and greed that she had shown. The red bell pepper represent the heart and the paint inside

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