Essay about Analysis of Team Charter

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Running head: Analysis of Team Charter

Analysis of Team Charter

October 25, 2010
Olivia Herriford

Analysis of Team Charter
Analysis of Team Charter The five members of Team A have similarities that provide for a solid framework to develop a functioning team. The design of the learning team charter provides a map for each member to discover individual strengths and weaknesses to share with the team. This tool establishes the action plan for the team and provides a map for success.

Learning team charter

The learning team charter (LTC) is broken down into for The LTC is made up of four segments: individuals skill inventory, team goals, ground rules, and conflict management. Under each section, specific inquiries
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Self-Assessment Library

Managers realize the importance of valuable tools at their disposal to ensure the best outcome for team tasks. One such tool is the Self-Assessment Library from Pearson Prentice Hall. The design of this program provides a variety of tests that a team member individually completes. Two specific tests offering insight into his or her ability to work with a team are the How good are “My Listening Skills?” assessment and the “Do I Trust Others?” assessment. After each member of Team A completed both assessments, the team recorded the results in the team forum. A discussion engaged on how our personalities related to the results of the assessment. Four out of five members scored well on the ability to trust others assessment while one member was at the other end of the spectrum while all of the members scored well on the listening assessment.

Each member completed two self-assessment tests provided through the Pearson Prentice Hall. With the information the assessments each member provided valuable input relating to the goals and requirements for Team A. The complied data is as follows: :

|Name |Listening Assessment |Trust Assessment |

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