An Analysis of the Impact of the Business Environment on Two Organizations

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Introduction (P1)
State Trading Organization (STO) was established in early 1960’s. When they first start the organization the only resource available was tuna. At that time the development of the country was slow so there is no banking system, no available funds for major investments and no commercial industries as well. After some days in 1994 a fully-funded business was set-up by the government which is named “Athireemaafannu Trading Agency (ATA)”. Their main aim was to provide essential food items to the nation. 9th June 1979 is the day which ATA became STO with so much improvements. After that they kept growing and growing. Now the organization is a highly appreciated company which almost sells all the items. STO can be
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Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) was built up in September 1986 under the name of "authority". The motivation behind the organization was to oversee and work all ports in the Maldives. It is completely possessed and controlled by the administration under the service of transport and communication. After that the organization was changed to a company named Maldives Ports Limited. Yet, all the administrative functions was controlled by the service of transport and correspondence. Along these lines, the organization is administrated and oversaw by the exhausted which the individuals are contracted by the president of the Maldives. The day operations are controlled by the managing director. This can considered as transport industry.
The main reason for this organization is to deal with all the port and port related exercises in Maldives. They deal with all the import and export related activities from sea and air. Be that as it may, particularly they concentrate on sea, as the air transports are overseen by different airplane terminals like Maldivian and GMR. MPL is a partnership business. Also, the MPL connections with the government, as they have to follow the rules and regulations of the government. They have been serving to the Maldives for a long time. They have been directing such a large number of exercises to make their employees like the organization. MPL give some online services like bill landing points of interest and holder development subtle

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