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Australia has got about 500 different cultural groups with each having its own beliefs capacity, and values. Among these groups, there is one of the oldest cultures that date back to at least 50,000 years that is known as Aboriginal culture that comprises of practices and ceremonies of the indigenous Australians which due to its depth ,it do play a greater role in influencing the modern Australia. The impacts of social economics are on a deeper level on the indigenous people than it is on the no indigenous person I Australia which means which that Indigenous community my experience difficulties in trying co-exist with other communities and managing their local initiatives. It is witness as there are remote communities that
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These provide an indication that engagement is all about relatively sustained and systematic interaction (Holmes, 2011); meaning it’s a process that is dynamic and not a single process. It’s through engagement that relationships that can be trusted are built and sustained all with a targeted common reach these goal there is a need to be accessible information and parties involved participation.
To engage these communities there is a need to take into consideration the values and protocol the hold to safeguard their rights and is done by ensuring that the ethical principles which guides the behavioral situations surrounding the indigenous communities are well checked to help the control their customs identity, heritage, knowledge and intellectual property. The issues of prejudices, misunderstanding and serving self-interest should be condemned and completely dismissed in the engagement.
Engagement with Aboriginal communities
The earlier experience of engagement of aboriginal communities with the settler communities involved conflicts and violence forcing displacement and dispossession of the aboriginal people of their basic rights. The implication of these experiences resulted to oppression of the aboriginal communities with some unresolved issues to date that the community still experience the trauma. There is a belief that Aboriginal people are still wary of the government from the past harsh experiences which has to be overcome

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