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1.) Predictions might properly be defined as: knowing when events will occur.

2. The early writers who set down the classical viewpoint on management were” managers and consultants.

3. Max Weber saw bureaucracy as an ideal type of organization that included all of the following, except: decentralized decision making.

4. All of the following are described by Mintzberg as decision making roles, except: the leadership role.

5. Downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering have had a profound effect on organizations. Surveys show that the consequences of these events include: decreased morale.

6. Using the phrase, "It depends" is one example of: contingencies.

7. The most essential item
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18. In Henry Mintzberg's research, the disseminator role is an example of: informational role.

19. The human relations movement is intended as a critique of the classical viewpoint and bureaucracy.

20. All of the following are affecting the demographics of the North American workplace except: large numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europe.

Chapter II

1. Learning by observing the behaviour of others is known as modelling.

2. Which of the following is an effective use of punishment? immediate punishment

3. Which of the following is NOT a usual self-management process? asking managerial intervention

4. Which of the following is NOT an organizational learning practice? punishment

5. Learning is said to occur when: practice or experience leads to change in behaviour potential.

6. Which of the following is NOT one of the "Big Five" of dimensions of personality? self-monitoring

7. Once in place, reinforcement strategies should: be tailored to the needs of the situation.

8. In business, good models tend to be: vivid and memorable individuals.

9. A high self-monitor might be at a disadvantage in an organizational role that requires innovation.

10. Which of the following is an error involving reinforcement?: confusing rewards with reinforcers

11. Reinforcement is a process by which: stimuli

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